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Guestbook - August 2000


I went to Woodlands secondary school in Coventry from 1979 to 1983. I was in Perrins house with Harris as housemaster.

I left Coventry in 1989 and now live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Nigel Gale  < >

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My name is Janet Mills (née Stretton) and my husband is John Mills.

We both attended Park Avenue Infants School, Park Avenue, Attleborough, Nuneaton from September 1942 to July 1950.

The Headmistress of the Infants was Mrs Randle, and the Headmaster of the Juniors was Mr F Mills (Daddy Mills). Some other teachers were Miss Jones, Mr Fenton, Miss Lenton, Mr Lenton, Miss Starkey (who later married Mr Lenton) and Miss Robinson.

There was a school reunion sometime in 1996 (I think) and some of our old school friends have sent us photos of the event.

After Park Avenue I went on to Manor Park Secondary Modern Technical High School (1950-55).

While at Manor Park Tech School I was a member of the then famous School Choir which was organised and conducted by the school's music mistress - Miss Moore. The headmaster was Mr Goodburn, and some other teachers at the time were Mrs Fifield, Mr Russell, Mr Bacon and Miss Payne.

I would be interested to know if any friends from Manor Park School Choir has a copy of the recording made when the school choir performed at the opening of the George Elliot Gardens or when we appeared on the Eamon Andrews show on TV.

Friends in the choir were Maureen Martin and Mary Jarvis who I've kept in touch with. Other friends that I have lost contact with are Joyce Haddon, Joan May, Carol, and Sheila. We sure had some great times and our visits all over the country singing in the choir made some happy memories. My sister Kay (Kathleen) and cousin Jackie (Jacquline) Stretton were also members of the choir in later years.

My husband to be went on to King Edward VI Grammar School after Park Avenue - he was there 1950-55.

John and I emigrated with our family to Australia in 1965 and have returned for holidays quite a number of times and have kept in touch with some of our school friends and also with Mrs Lenton (née Starkey) up until her death.

I visit CWN on the net about once a week but have never seen any reference to Park Avenue School and thought I would ask you to add it to your list please so that other pupils who visit your site can perhaps contact each other.

I've been told that the school has or is scheduled to be closed. It's such a sad thing to hear, as there is so much local history and sentiment attached to the school.

My mother and her siblings attended this school and were also taught by Mr Lenton, Miss Lenton and Miss Robinson. I still have a photo of my mother sitting at her desk in Miss Robinson's class and another of her younger brother dancing in the school hall. I'm sure that there are other ex pupils that have happy memories and treasured memorabilia of the school.

Regards to all,

Janet Mills  < >

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I attended Frederick Bird Infants and Juniors Schools (1957-63) and then Frederick Bird senior school from 1963-67.

I am wondering if there is anyone out there from that time, or anyone who knows of Kenneth Whenham who emigrated to Australia about 1964.

Alan Salisbury  < >

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I went to Westgate primary school in Warwick (1970-74) and then to Newburgh primary school (1974-77) before going on to Aylesford High School (1977-81).

I left Warwick in 1986 and now live in Rome, Italy.

I would like to find Tina Harris, Jayne Quinney, Jackie Payne, Wendy Wiles or anyone else who can remember me!

Deborah Wilson  < >

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I went to Binley Park School in Coventry between 1971 and 1978.

I would like to hear from anyone who was in my form (K), namely:

Martin Johnson, Paul Haines, Colin Knight, Andrew Marchi, Suresh Munyal, Alan Logan, Steve McCauley, Stuart McGregor, Stuart Jones, Keith Mason, Steve Lillycrop, Gary Meffen, David McCartney.

Jennifer Maughan, Margaret Maughan, Louise Kettell, Stephanie Pegg, Lyndsey Halliwell, Debbie Haywood, Catriona McNeill, Carol Moy, Elizabeth Moore, Moya Lloyd, Cathryn Page, Karen Moorcroft, June Jenkins.

I have started a website about Binley Park School:

I left Coventry in 1996 and now live in Bicester.

Neil Grantham  < >

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I wonder if you can help me. I lost contact with a good friend a few years ago, and am pinning my hopes on trying to find her again.

Her name is/was Lynne Hutchinson - although it may have changed if she got married. She is 29 years old, her and her folks moved to Nuneaton in late 1984/early 1985 from South Africa.

We were in written contact up until 1990 and I then moved from my old address, but never got any mail there after even having left a forwarding address. In 1988/89 she would have been attending Hull University.

I know this is an extremely long shot at finding her, but I've got to try it. She also has a younger sister named Catherine. Her parents to my knowledge may still be in the Nuneaton area.

I would really be grateful if anyone could help me. I am looking for an email or postal address for her.

Best Regards

Miguel Guerreiro  < >

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I went to Binley Park Secondary Modern school in Coventry from 1966 to 1972.

I am looking for any ex schoolfriends: Robin Bradley, Mike Guest, Joanne Stevenson and Malcolm Houndle.

Alistair Durham  < >

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Hi from yet another ex-pat "Coventry Kid" from Dallington Road (No.92) in Coundon. We certainly seem to be scattered to the four winds from that road.

I attended Coundon Primary School and then Bablake from 1962 to 1968. I later did an apprenticeship at Dunlop, Holbrook Lane.

I now live in Auckland, New Zealand and have been here since 1981.

I wonder if anyone will admit to having known me. I'd like to hear from anyone who may remember me (except if I owe them money).

Also, in particular, does anyone have any news of Sylvia (née) Alford who used to live in Wyken Croft and went to Barrs Hill? I'd love to know what happened to her.

Other names from the past: Bob Cox, Dave Morgan, Hazel Adams, Julie Wood and oh so many more!

Congrats to CWN for an excellent site - it's good to keep in touch with the old home town.


Kim Appletree  < >

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