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Guestbook - March 2001


My name is James Edward Bryant, I was born in Market Harborough and emigrated to the United States in 1947.

I am coming to England to visit for the month of June and am trying to locate any relatives that I might still have in Warwickshire or Northanptonshire.

My aunt (my father's sister) Mrs (A G) Florence Addison lived at Bucknills Lane, Crick, near Rugby (Northamptonshire ?). Her daughter Jean and son Charlie lived in Rugby. Jean has since married in the Catholic church I think.

My only other relatives lived in Northampton and would be the children of my grandfather Alfred Dawkins who lived at 49 Stanley Street. The son was Arthur Dawkins, the daughters were or are Marjory Annie and my mother Phyllis.

I would appreciate any information that you have or any thing you can tell me that would help me to locate any of these people or their children.

Thank you in advance

James E Bryant  < >
1172 Healey Court,
Santa Rosa, CA 95401-4449 USA

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I attended Edgewick Infant School (1971-74) then went onto Broad Heath Primary School until 1977.

I then moved onto Frederick Birds school (an annex of Sidney Stringer) for one year before emigrating to Australia in 1979.

I was a member of BHSO or Broad Heath School Steel Orchestra (led by Victor Phillips) and I am trying to contact any past or possible present members of the band or anyone who may have gone to school with me or may know me.

Marion Greco [née Walker]  < >

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I am so pleased I found CWN, I am an ex-Coventrian from the 40's (parents and family came from Herefordshire for war work). I am now in Virginia, USA and it's lovely to be in Coventry when I wish through the webcams.

I am now sharing my life and times with my family so your CWN is very useful.

Thank You

Val Gobie  < >

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It is just great to be able to look at my hometown from here in the USA. A friend passed on the website, and I check it regularly - I just wish we could send you some of our great weather from sunny Florida.

Kind regards

Larry Broadhurst  < >

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I wonder if anyone can help fill in a gap in reconstructing my history.

I went to a school which I believe was called Cheylesmore Road Primary from about 1936 to 1940. The school was bombed and for a period we students were schooled at parents' houses, using their parlours on an ad hoc basis, for instance, Mrs Brown's on a Monday morning, Mrs Jones's on a Tuesday afternoon, Mrs Smith's on a Wednesday morning and so on.

Classes were never more than about a dozen children and with the teacher we all benefited from the one-on-one tuition. The novelty of being taught in homes instead of the classroom never stopped us from having to concentrate on whatever subjects we were given, and it must have been OK because I cannot recall any classmate being illiterate or innumerate.

Later I was evacuated to Scotland with my family staying in Coventry.

Whilst in Scotland our home was destroyed and on returning to Coventry late 1941 we were bombed out again.

In 1942 we moved to Birmingham and eventually I migrated to Australia in 1958.

As you can imagine my new found interest in my early days is hard to corroborate from so far away, thus I would be pleased if any of your correspondents have memories of those dim and dark days.

Thanks for any assistance

Charles Jefferies < >

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I went to Barrs Hill School on Radford Road 1980-86 and Radford Primary on Lawrence Saunders Road 1974-80.

Does anyone know the whereabouts of the following people:

  • Peter Lennon
  • Ricky Wallace
  • Dharminder Sohota
  • Patrica Adudu
  • Sandra Powell
  • Ruth O'Driscoll
  • Russell McKenzie
  • Brian Thompson
  • Adam Ryan
  • Sandip Bagri

or anyone else in Form 'P' (Mr French was our Head of Year).

If so, can you let them know that I am trying to get in contact with them, as I am currently living in Sydney and plan to make a visit back to Coventry this year.

Raj Patel  < >

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