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Guestbook - October 2001


My ancestors came from Coventry to Australia during the last century.

I would love to hear from people connected to the name of HENFREY and WOODWARD.

I enjoyed and admired your beautiful city when I visited it briefly six years ago and one day I will return.

Diana Ford  < >
Sydney, Australia

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I am trying to establish the date of death of my Great Uncle, Leslie Padmore, who is buried in Claverdon Churchyard. He died sometime in the last 30 years or so.

I live in the United States and am finding it difficult to find contact information for the Vicar of Claverdon if indeed there is a full time Vicar there.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction to find this information.

Simon Kitchen-Dunn  < >

[EDITOR : can anyone help?]

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I went to Corpus Christi primary school in Coventry (1960-65) and then on to Cardinal Wiseman Girls Grammar (1965-70).

I would like to contact any old school pals, particularly:

Corpus Christi - Valerie Newstead

Cardinal Wiseman - Kathy Crawford, Judith Sampson, Tatty Tyler.

Loraine Mundee-Pennington  < >

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I went to Wood End primary school until 1980, and then went on to Woodway Park School and Community College (1980-84).

I left Coventry in 1984 and now live in Weston super Mare.

I'd like to hear from anyone who remembers me!!

My daughters go to Woodway now and at least one of the teachers who taught me (Mr Harman) is still there.

Martin Jones  < >

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My name is Jacqueline Morris (née Hill). I use to live at 146 Clovelly Road, Wyken, Coventry.

I began Stoke Heath Infants School when I was five in 1950. I also had 6 sisters that went to that school too. My eldest sister's name is Audrey - next was our Brenda, next was our Margaret then me - after me was our Annette, next our Eileen and last but not least my youngest sister our Carol.

I remember the long walks to school as a kid - the cold snow going down my wellies causing chapping and chilblains. I remember the jungle gym draped with kids. I remember the toilets at the far end of the playground. I remember the big brass school bell being rung to let us know school had begun and ended. I remember fights in the playground and us kids making a circle around the pair fighting shouting out for the one we wanted to win.

I remember picking my younger sister up from the nursery. I remember the assemblies every morning. I remember the hymns we sang. I remember the wooden desks, the ink wells made of white pottery in the corner. I remember the nibbed pens and the mess they made I remember my blotting paper all inked up. I remember at home time, all us kids made such a racket running out of the class rooms. I remember they were really long days.

People I remember from primary school include: Celia Taylor, Jill Kemble, Cynthia Cadden, Sandra Kane, Pat King, Sheila Wigman, Rita Hardwick, Christine Docherty, Kathleen Higley, Julie Brown, Diane Sutton, Carole Degg, Valerie Heron, Sylvia White, Janice Thompson, Margaret Spicer.

I also went to Wyken Croft primary school (1952-54), Stoke Council Junior (1954-56) and Stoke Council Senior (1956-58).

Then I went to Lyng Hall School from 1958 to 1960. I was in Alpha House, in the cookery room. Mrs Main was the Teacher, Miss. Davis was the House Mistress and Miss Imms was the Head Mistress.

People I remember from secondary school include: Christine Ingram, Dorothy Slinn, Margaret Martin, Joan Gregory, Tony Langdal, Alan Emery, Mick-Mart-Terry, Margaret Spicer, Barry McVeigh, Royston Oldam, Vicky Lawrence, Chris Western, Maureen Barnett, Ann Cox, Pauline Nelmes, Gillian Gardner.

My sister, Carol Millburn (née Hill) is already on the Find a School Friend lists. She now lives in New Zealand and I now live in Perth, Western Australia.

I also had two more sisters at Lyng Hall - Eileen Hill and Annette Hill.

I was one of seven girls and always wanted a brother. When I was 40 years old I was told that I had one who had been adopted out when he was 9 months old. I was told that he married a girl called Christine from Alpha House who I have since met here in Perth.

I told Christine that my Mum was a dinner lady in Alpha House, so although David my brother never got to meet his real Mum his wife did all those years ago.

My Mum came over to Perth from Coventry to meet Christine - David's wife, but Mum never met her son. David died aged 29 years here in Perth. My Mum has also passed away, so maybe they have now.

Jacqueline Morris [née Hill]  < >

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I came across your site while browsing the net in search of a Royal Warwickshire Fusiliers Association. I hope you can help.

I want to get in touch with former members of the Regiment, in particular those who served in Cyprus between 1955-59 as I am writing a book about service personnel who there in the final days of colonial rule.

Plenty of details about my project are on the Cyprus pages:

Any leads to the Fusiliers, gratefully received at this end.


David Carter  < >

PS  I found your site very informative as I've never visited the Midlands. Now maybe I will - next summer!

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I went to Ash Green school in Coventry (1980-84).

I left Coventry in 1991 and now live in Denmark.

I would like to contact people who were at the school the same time as I was.

Lee Allton  < >

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[07 OCT 01] JAGUAR 1966 S MODEL

I am looking for information on a 1966 S Model Jaguar 3.8 litre.

Can anyone help?

Rus Richardson  < >

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Hi, my name is Mary Jones, it was Mary Baskerville.

I went to Folly Lane school, in Humber Road, during World War II, then to Stoke Council Girls school (1938-46).

I remember the headmistress, Miss Garlick and then Miss Morewood, also Miss Gator.

There were many from Stoke Aldermoor, and Humber Avenue and St Georges Road, including:

Areasybil Holland, Sally Pollard, Dot Jones, Eileen Villiers, Doreen Baker, Edna Tranter, Edna Eyckelbosch, Maggie Cross, Kathleen Campbell and so many more.

I left the UK in 1954 and now live in Orlando, Florida.

I would love to hear from anyone who is still around.

Mary Jones [née Baskerville]  < >

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