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Guestbook - March 2004

The Guestbook is not just about finding old friends, you might also want to post questions about the local area or make comment on a visit to Coventry and Warwickshire. If you would like to post a message to the guestbook please send them to:

NOTE : For any enquiries where someone is trying to find someone else we feel it better if you do know the people being sought to ask them first before passing on any information about them - remember they may not want to be found!

  I used to go to Moseley Avenue School, Coventry during the sixties and my young children go there now.

We are celebrating 70 years of the school and we want to put together a history and memories of the school and hopefully get it published. We are trying to contact everyone we can who went there and see what memories of events, pupils, staff and photographs they can share with us.
CONTACT Anne Boyd (née Edkins)
  I spent all of my primary school days at Eburne Primary beginning in 1958. In the summer of 1963 I finished at Eburne and went to Foxford Comprehensive. 

In October 1965 my family moved to Australia. I have lived and worked throughout Sydney and the bush. Settling for a while in Brisbane with my eyes now set on the tropics.

Of all of my memories, those at Eburne are very happy and clear. It saddens me to hear that the old school is closing. It saddens me even more to see it combine with Woodend. Woodend were our arch rivals at almost everything, they were a larger school but we had our share of wins. I was there before Woodend Primary was built and when it was built. I was there when Potters Green Primary School was built, and I scored my only goal at soccer against them.

I have often planned to go back and visit once my wanderings in Australia are over, will there be anything there for me to recognise? Will the old fir tree still be there in the corner of the playground, or the 2 pear trees in the middle of the sports field where we used to play cricket.
I remember the central heating and how warm it was inside while our wet coats sat on hooks in the coat room. Our shoes and jumpers would dry on the pipes and the room would smell of damp wool.

Linda Picker, Ken Salisbury, Malcolm Morgan, David James, Mike Beezley, Linda Davis, Jacqueline Lole, Jimmy Edwards, Sarah Pindar and a lot of faces and names that are now confused were there.

Our Headmistress, a term that has a whole new meaning these days, was Miss Beaton. Miss Spires was very strict and made me stay back to finish my work, Mr Porter did sport, Miss Forbes with her long hair used to wear tight fitting jumpers (of course a 10 year old boy would not notice). Mr and Mrs Bowness, I missed her class, she retired, but Mr Bowness was a very kind and gentle man. He was a great story teller too, I still tell his tales.

Like the song says "You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone".

Perhaps I am better off, at 51 years old, to look forward to Tropical Queensland, and another day in paradise, rather than to look back to dreary old England.

My memories are mine to keep and thank you to everyone who helped create them.
CONTACT David Spear
Wighton Street, Sandgate, Queensland, Australia
  I am looking for anyone who attended Copthorne School 1954 to 1960/61.

Does anyone remember Anne Lea or may have been known as Liz or Elizabeth (as Elizabeth was her first name). We are organising a surprise 60th birthday and would love to reunite her with old school friends.

Look forward to meeting you soon.
CONTACT Karen Reynolds (daughter of Anne)
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