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Guestbook - March 2005

The Guestbook is not just about finding old friends, you might also want to post questions about the local area or make comment on a visit to Coventry and Warwickshire. If you would like to post a message to the guestbook please send them to :

NOTE : For any enquiries where someone is trying to find someone else we feel it better if you do know the people being sought to ask them first before passing on any information about them - remember they may not want to be found!

  I am searching for anyone who knew my mother and my two sisters who stayed in Bell Green, Coventry.

My mother died in 1968. She died of cancer when she was around 44 years old. She originally came from the north of Scotland so she had a distinctive Aberdonian accent. She was either living with or married to a foreign gentleman. They had an older daughter called Ivory and a younger one
who worked in hotels during the mid 70s.

My mother's name was Elizabeth (Lizzie) Scott Cassie. Her married name was something that sounded like Buccari or Burracki, B????????

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who can give me any information if they can remember anyone with similar name.
CONTACT Bryan George Cassie
  I attended John Gulson School from 1943 to 1947. At that time it was known as John Gulson Central Advanced School. The students came from all parts of Coventry and were selected because they were considered above elementary school standard but not 'good enough' for the High/Grammar schools such as Bablake and Henry 8th. The headmaster was 'Pip' LeQuesne.

It had four houses - Hereward, Godiva, Leofric and Mercier and the motto was 'UPRIGHT AND THOROUGH'.

Some of the teachers were : Miss Moss, Mr Chisholm, Mr Morgan, Mr 'Piggy' Weale, Mr Sinclair, Mr 'Pop' Hindley(?) and Mr Wisdom (a GREAT music teacher).

One of my classmates was Roy NOWELL who was recently honoured with an MBE.
CONTACT Derek Heath
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