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Guestbook - May 2005

The Guestbook is not just about finding old friends, you might also want to post questions about the local area or make comment on a visit to Coventry and Warwickshire. If you would like to post a message to the guestbook please send them to :

NOTE : For any enquiries where someone is trying to find someone else we feel it better if you do know the people being sought to ask them first before passing on any information about them - remember they may not want to be found!

  I am interested in a reunion for girls who left Coundon Court School for Girls the year it turned mixed.

I left in 1971, the year Miss Foster the head teacher left. I was in Margery Russell House. I'm just wondering if there are any school pupils out there from that era?

Thanks for your help.
CONTACT Pat Aitchison (née Larder)
  My name is Parm, also known as Parmy back in the days. I moved from Walsall to Coventry in 1989 and attended Foxford Comprehensive from 1989-1993. Looking back now, it's so true what the teachers would say "school life is the best life." I would do anything to get back those days.

Not sure who remembers me - my intro : I was in Mrs Davis's class, Mrs Pugh Jones was head of our year, Mr Begbie was headmaster. I can't remember the science teacher's name but it began with an S, he would put us in detention for wearing our coats in class.

I didn't really have a group of friends I always hung out with, I was with whoever. I remember Anita, Haley, Joanne and Louise group - Kiran, Tarah, Anita, Bhavna, Shima, Baldish group - Harby, Baljinder, Naz, Harinder, Sunny group - Sonja, Lisa Lynzy, Gemma. Ahhhhhhhhh the list could go on, shows I have a good memory. I guess we are all in our 29's/30s by now. Wow!!!

I remember the paper fights we would have in Mrs Webb's class, the A4 paper (for those who remember), being put on report card for hiding Haley's beer. The canoe trip was the best - I remember me, Anita, Haley, Sonja - don't remember who else went.  Alton Towers trip, ice skating, the parents evenings, jeeeeeeessssssss what fun it used to be!!

I hope someone reads this that remembers me and would love to hear from you. I moved to Canada in the summer of 1993 and have been here since. I love it here - but would love to see old friends again. I did keep in touch with some of u but somehow lost touch. I'm hoping we can hook up again!!! Well hope u all r good! And god bless!
CONTACT Parm Sandhu
  I was Molly Kendall at school (1941-1946), I am now Mrs Edge widowed, was Mrs Wagstaff divorced.

I had two children by my first husband : Claire born 1957 and Adrian born 1959 - both at Higham Lane. I will be interested to receive emails from any old girls. There is a reunion being organised by Wendy Shortridge on 4 July.

Some maiden names I remember : Betsy Shaw, Bettyne Eaton, Beryl Millington, Eileen Parker, Ruby Waller.

Get in touch.
CONTACT Molly Kendall
[09 MAY 05] MY LIFE IN COVENTRY : 1934 - 1952
  My name is Trevor L Jones. During the war years I lived at 250 Grangemouth Road, Radford, Coventry. I attended the Radford Road School, 1937- 1939; then on to Barker Butts 1940-1943.

After the 1940 Blitz I was evacuated to the Village of Dosthill, near Tamworth. I returned home just in time for the heavy bombings of 1941, off I was shipped again, this time to Treddington, near Stratford uponAvon.

In 1942 I was an indentured apprentice at the Parkside Garage on Warwick Row for five years.

I also played football for the Hill Farm team, the Vauxhall working mans club, Foleshill. Most Fridays and Saturdays I could be found at one of the following  : The Casino, The Drill Hall, The Arden, Bedworth, The Courthalls, Foleshill, and of course the Matrix, oh happy days, or rather nights.

I was in the RAF for 30 months 1947-1949. Then I emigrated to Canada 1951, moved to the USA 1952, and there I stayed, one American wife, two American children, four American grandchildren.

Ah, life has been good.
CONTACT Trevor L Jones
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