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Guestbook - June 2006

The Guestbook is not just about finding old friends, you might also want to post questions about the local area or make comment on a visit to Coventry and Warwickshire. If you would like to post a message to the guestbook please send them to :

NOTE : For any enquiries where someone is trying to find someone else we feel it better if you do know the people being sought to ask them first before passing on any information about them - remember they may not want to be found!

  I was born in Coundon in 1939. Although only a babe I can remember distinctly that night of the Blitz. I was in my mothers arms, we had a neighbour in with us, and we were under the table until the bombing stopped and all clear given. I went out the front and I heard it said, "look the city is aflame".

Later we used to go down the shelter when sirens sounded. I recall one daytime that I was in pram, and my mother and brother John were walking up the road and over the field opposite a German fighter came machine gunning - we rushed in to a doorway.

In the field opposite to us close to Bablake playing field, there used to be barrage balloon based. The crew were friends of my family and used to come over spend time with us, and they used to take my brother and myself over there.

Later on we used to go over to the hostel where a lot of Poles and Czech and other nationalities lived and we collected foreign stamps from them.
When I started school at Southbank Road, on the way home we used to go to a nearby shop and buy a one penny lolly if you could call it that - it was orange flavoured ice that then had no wrappers - we had to put in handkerchief, very tasty!

Of course there was no TV then so we used to make our own entertainment. I remember we used to make dug outs, light fires in them smoking ourselves out at times, and we smoked sorrel, played hopscotch, tinnet, a game we used to play with house bricks, rolled along knocking top brick off, and many others. We would go down to Radford with bits of tin as sledges and go down the banks, all good fun.

I recall doing errands, and we used to buy 5 Woodbine, and the turf cigarettes - they had the cards in which we collected.

I also remember my dad saying they went for a drink and had to use a jamjar as there was a shortage of glasses then.
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  I was born on the Mount Nod Estate in 1961 and have very happy childhood memories.

I would love to hear from anyone who attended Mount Nod Junior School 1966-72.
CONTACT Louise Roberts (ne Burdon)
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