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Guestbook - March 2007

The Guestbook is not just about finding old friends, you might also want to post questions about the local area or make comment on a visit to Coventry and Warwickshire. If you would like to post a message to the guestbook please send them to :

NOTE : For any enquiries where someone is trying to find someone else we feel it better if you do know the people being sought to ask them first before passing on any information about them - remember they may not want to be found!

  I am researching the Odell family, ribbonmakers and manufacturers of Coventry, Warwickshire and wondering if you would have any information concerning this.

I am particularly interested in William Odell, born circa 1776 and his wife, Anna Maria Stephenson, their son Joseph Odell, born 1809 and wife Mary Stephenson.

Also, I believe that a William Stephenson was a ribbonmaker and manufacturer in the area, and I wonder if he was the father of any of the above.

Also, a family legend was that perhaps the Odells were Huguenots as they were engaged in his industry. Do you think this is possible?

Any information you could provide would be most helpful and very much appreciated!
CONTACT Marie Payne (Australia)
  I went to Stoke Secondary Modern School, Coventry back in 1969-1972. I now live in Brisbane, Australia, but I do travel back to the UK every two years.

I lived in Stoke in Coventry and remember two girls in particular - Wilma Borthwick and Geraldine Thacker. It would be great to see or communicate with somebody from that school. Does anybody remember Mr Ayra the Indian maths teacher and the geography teacher Mr Mortimer? I also remember when we all went to Plas Doly Moch.

Please could somebody let me know if anybody remembers anybody from those years. My name is Surjit Kaur - I was the Indian girl in that group.
CONTACT Surjit Kaur (Brisbane, Australia)
  I am on a nostalgia trip after a long time.

I went to Whitnash Primary and then Campion High School. There was a separate school for boys and girls. We left in 1973 and migrated to Australia.

School was very stressful and scared me most of the time. Some of the teachers, and the students were just plain nasty.

I miss the walk to school and the bus rides. I miss the countryside and the weather. I wonder what happened to my friends.

Thanks for your website.
CONTACT Jane (Perth, West Australia)
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