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Roll Up To Get Your Flu Jab

Health chiefs in Coventry are leading by example in the campaign to persuade elderly people to get a flu jab before the winter sets in.

The three men at the peak of the health system are to offer their arms for the vaccination at the start of a high-profile effort to remind pensioners to get their jab.

The flu vaccine can cut the chances of health complications by 60 per cent and reduce deaths by 40 per cent.

It is estimated that if everyone aged over 65 in Coventry had been vaccinated against flu, up to 40 lives would be saved.

Last year Walsgrave hospital reached crisis point when an outbreak filled beds with elderly people.

Chris Howgrave-Graham, chief executive of Coventry Health Authority, David Laughton, chief executive of Walsgrave Hospitals Trust, and Peter Boileau, chief executive of Coventry Healthcare NHS Trust will be getting their vaccination on Friday.

All people aged over 65 are to be offered a vaccine, along with people suffering from various conditions.

These include: chronic heart of chest complaints, including Asthma, chronic kidney disease, diabetes; people whose immune system is weakened by disease or medical treatment, and residents of old people’s and nursing homes.

Peter Hodder, General manager for the West Primary Care Group, said:

“The Chief Executives are leading the examples of the importance of this campaign.

“Having the flu vaccination saves lives. National figures shave shown that of 100,000 people vaccinated, 100 lives are saved. It could be your life.”

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