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'Partners'  - A Sexual Health Leaflet For Young People

Organisations across Coventry have worked together to develop a leaflet outlining safer sex practice and detailing sexual health services for young people in Coventry. The leaflet has been developed for young people by involving young people from Youth Action and other youth organisations. They also provided the people to be photographed on the front cover.

Organisations involved in the development of the leaflet include Coventry Health Authority, Youth Action (HIV Network), Women’s Health Information Centre, Genito-Urinary Medicine, Schools Advisory Service and British Pregnancy Advisory Service.

Phil Deakin, Health Promotion Specialist at Coventry Health Authority said:

"We know that young people need good quality information concerning their sexual health needs and information on accessing services available for them. This leaflet, developed through involving young people, provides information in a young people friendly format. The leaflet has photographs of the locations of services and directions in language young people understand. Hopefully, this will lead to young people more readily using the services that are available for them. This is a Coventry leaflet for Coventry’s young people."

Alison Boffin from Youth Action, who had a lead role in designing and involving young people on the leaflet, has also used the leaflet in a recent schools conference. She says:

"I used the leaflet in my session. They proved very popular because the participants could relate o the young people on the front and realised that it was about Coventry services for young people in Coventry."

Phil Deakin also said:

"There’s a lot of talk nowadays of the need to work in partnership and involving young people in projects focused on them. This leaflet is an example of agencies working in partnership and of a project involving young people."

The leaflet will be distributed to young people through the agencies on the leaflet, through schools and colleges, doctors surgeries, youth information shops and other agencies working with young people.

Keen eyed people will also notice the ‘Hands On’ logo at the back of the leaflet. Some 30,000 ‘Hands On’ cards were distributed to young people across Coventry earlier this summer. This ‘Hands On’ logo is being developed as a sign for young people focused services and projects across Coventry. Young people should look out for the logo because it means a service delivered for them.


Part of the rationale for the leaflet is to reduce the rate of unplanned teenage pregnancies and levels of sexually transmitted infections amongst young people. The rate for under age pregnancies in Coventry for 1996 is10.2 per 1000 compared with a national average of 9.4 per 1000.

Phil Deakin, 01203 633066

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