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Jaguar Not Uncrashable

Claims that Jaguar has created an uncrashable car have been smashed by the Coventry-based company.Jaguar XKR Convertible

Jaguar has come up with a radar system that can sense the movements of the car in front and automatically adjust speed to keep a safe distance from it.

However the company’s chief engineer Jack Hynds has brushed off suggestions that the car cannot be involved in an accident.

He said:

"It is most certainly not an uncrashable car and nobody from here has ever suggested that it was.

"There is no such thing as a car which you cannot have an accident in. All we have done is come up with an additional extra that drivers will find useful and will make their driving more comfortable.

"The system works by measuring the distance between you and the car in front and keeping it constant by changing your speed.

"So for instance if you set cruise control for 70 miles per hour and a car is in front of you doing 60, the radar will detect that and slow you down.

"Then as soon as the car in front moves it will automatically return you to your set speed, saving all the normal fiddling about you have to do with cruise control."

And Hynds rejected claims that the car could actually cause accidents by encouraging a lack of concentration amongst drivers.

"It is a tool for the driver to use," he said. "It is not expected that they will rely on it, in the same way that people with ABS brakes do not expect their car to bring them to a grinding halt if they are about to crash."

Now there could be even more exciting news for the lazy driver, Jaguar's chief engineer believes a car could be made that steers itself!

He said:

"It is certainly possible that a car that steers itself could be made by sensing where the lines are on the road, but it is only worth making something that people will want to buy."

The new radar cruise control system - Adaptive Cruise Control - is now available on the 60,000 XKR as an optional extra, but Jaguar are hoping to introduce it to all models in the future.

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