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XJ Reliability Claims Stun Jaguar

Jaguar have slammed a survey that claims their XJ model is less reliable than a Skoda and are prone to breaking down than any other car.

The survey by Which Car? magazine asked owners of cars up to two years old if they had problems with breaking down.

Jaguar finished up bottom of the league, with a reliability score of 76 per cent – meaning that a quarter of owners had problems in the last 12 months.

Land Rover also fared badly, with the Discovery finishing third from bottom.

But a Jaguar spokesman criticised the size of the sample interviewed.

He sad that only 46 Jaguar owners were questioned, meaning that just 11 had problems.

He said:

“We are very surprised with the results. They conflict with all the other independent surveys.”

The spokesman added that the huge BC Top Gear/ JD Power had marked Jaguars out as one of the most reliable cars, and had even given the Browns Lane plant a gold award for its high standards.

He added that the Which? Survey also revealed that 74 per cent of the owners questioned would still recommend the car to a friend.

Jaguar has taken on 500 extra production workers in Merseyside to get the Baby Jag rolling off the lines.

The X400, which is expected to be available next year, will be in the same market as the BMW 3 series..

Plans to produce the F-type Jaguar, a model of which was shown of to great acclaim last year, are still being prepared.

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