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Land Rover Cuts Prices In Sales Push

Land Rover has slashed the price of three of its models by 14 per cent to try and stave off competition from Europe and the internet.

The company was among several UK manufacturers criticised by the European Commission last week for its high prices.

It has responded to this and pressure from customers in the car showrooms by announcing an immediate drop in its prices.

The basic model in the Freelander range has been reduced by £1,000 to £15,995, and gets an extra £1,215 of standard equipment. All other models have had their prices cut by around £1,000.

A new model has been added to the Discovery range, the E, and will be sold for £21,995 - £3,150 less than the previous cheapest model, while other models are reduced by up to £2,295.

The Range Rover, the top of the range model, will have cuts of up to £2,705.

Gavin Green, director of communications, said the cuts had been announced to make the buying process more smooth and pleasant.

He said:

“At the moment customers have been coming in knowing that they can buy the same model for less on the continent or through a dot com company, but they don’t want to buy one there.

“They’ve been asking for discounts and, by and large, getting them.

“We’ve reduced the basic price now to what the discounted price was.”

Mr Green said that the company was operating as normal following its £2 billion sale to Ford earlier this year when BMW sold the Rover Group.

He said that 13,200 employees were still working for Land Rover and the firm was being run separately from Ford.

The only staff to have left as a result of the sale were those who were working for both Rover and Land Rover, and stayed with the main company.

Mr Green said there were no plans to merge the Ford and Land Rover brands.

He said:

“There is no way that we are going to put a land rover badge on a Ford vehicle and pretend that it is something that it isn’t. Both Ford and Land Rover are strong brands in their own right.

“There are some synergies we can have, both the two companies are run separately.”

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