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The New Peugeot 406 HDi

The first car in the Peugeot range to benefit from 'Common Rail' diesel technology, the 406 HDi (High Pressure Direct Injection) will go on sale in January 1999.

It makes Peugeot one of the world's first volume car manufacturers to offer common rail engines as part of its range and demonstrates the company's commitment to maintain its lead in diesel technology.

Saloon and estate versions of the 406 executive car range will be equipped with the common rail system via a new engine - the DW 10 ATED. This is a 1997cc engine which is capable of producing 110 bhp.

The 406 range has already won many awards for its class leading levels of comfort, safety and handling. It now adds the performance of a truly innovative diesel engine to those qualities.

More Torque

The most immediate and obvious advantage is a much smoother drive.

This is the result of lower acoustic and vibration levels, as well as producing up to 50% more low speed torque than the 2.1 litre turbo diesel (XUD 11 BTE) it replaces. Even at 1500 rpm the new engine yields 230 Nm.

Lower fuel consumption

This degree of torque provides better acceleration, enabling the 406 HDi to operate smoothly and safely at very low rpm and significantly reduces fuel consumption by an average of 30% (11.6 mpg) over the 2.1 TD.

European fuel consumption figures are 38.7 mpg urban, 62.8 mpg extra urban and 51.4 mpg combined, replacing 29.7, 49.6 and 39.8 mpg for the 2.1 TD.

Furthermore, by its very design the HDi engine has the best thermodynamic efficiency. This also contributes to a lower fuel consumption and a significant reduction in emissions.

Fewer emissions

For example levels Of C02 output are down by more than 20% and carbon monoxide, unburnt hydrocarbons and particles, by between - 40% and - 60%.

In addition, the new HDi technology will halve the potential for ozone formation, firstly in the 406 but then progressively throughout the Peugeot range.

This dramatic reduction of engine emissions is part of Peugeot's broader environmental policy which includes initiatives such as the 65 million francs investment in setting up the world's first carbon sink - a 10,000,000 tree plantation in Brazil's Matto Grosso province, capable of absorbing 50,000 metric tons of carbon annually.

Service intervals for the HDi powered cars rise from 10,000 to 12,000 miles.

There will be no increase in price for 406s equipped with the new engine.


406 HDi Pricing Total () On the road ()
LX 2.0 HDi with sunroof 16,375.00 17,050.00
LX 2.0 HDi with air conditioning 16,625.00 17,300.00
GLX 2.0 HDi with digital air con 17,990.00 18,665.00
Executive 2.0 HDi with digital air con 20,965.00 21,640.00
LX 2.0 HDi with sunroof 17,375.00 18,050.00
LX 2.0 HDi with air conditioning 17,625.00 18,300.00
GLX 2.0 HDi with digital air con 18,990.00 19,665.00
Executive 2.0 HDi with digital air con 21,965.00 22,640.00
7-seat family estates
LX 2.0 HDi with sunroof 17,875.00 18,550.00
LX 2.0 HDi with air conditioning 18,125.00 18,800.00
GLX 2.0 HDi with digital air con 19,490.00 20,165.00


Metallic paint 250.00
Black paint 195.00
Pearlescent paint 250.00
Electric tilt/slide sunroof 140.00
Driver and front passenger seat mounted side airbags 175.00
Ultrasonic alarm 210.00
CD autochanger 400.00

MORE INFORMATION: Peugeot Press Office   01203 884212

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