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Record 1998 Sales For Peugeot

Peugeot has moved up to third place in the UK passenger car sales league with record sales for 1998, according to the official figures published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

During the year, Peugeot car sales increased by 8.4%, from 167,472 to 181,558, compared to the average increase in the industry of 3.5%. This gave Peugeot an average 1998 share of the market of 8.08%, up from 8.02% in 1997.

Sales were boosted significantly towards the end of the year by the exceptional impact of the new 206 range, which attracted more than 10,000 sales in less than two months. In November the 206 leapt into 7th place in the UK top ten sellers and in December moved up to 6th position.

Tod Evans, Peugeot’s Commercial Director, commented:

"This has been a spectacular year for Peugeot sales right across the model range. In particular, the massive impact of the early success of the 206 range after only two months is quite remarkable. As we move into 1999 and add significant new products, the future for the company, its employees and our dealers is extremely bright."

The outstanding Peugeot performer in 1998 was the 306 range of hatchbacks and estates, which became the first Peugeot ever to achieve more than 70,000 sales in one year. Its market penetration of 3.12% for the year was also a new Peugeot record.

Sales of the 306 have increased every year since its launch in 1993 and at the end of 1998 totalled more than 323,589 in the UK.

During 1998 the 106 range of small hatchbacks and 406 range of saloons, estates and coupes also achieved their highest ever sales. The 106 model sold 51,458, compared to 50,069 in 1997, while sales of 406 models at 48,242 were up from 47,395.

The overall sales performance also meant that Peugeot fleet sales reached an all-time high in 1998 of 99,008, against 88,196 in the previous year.

Peugeot’s leadership of the UK diesel car market also continued for the 11th consecutive year. The Peugeot 306 was again the top-selling UK diesel car and the 406 was in second place in the diesel sales league.

MORE INFORMATION: Peugeot Press Office   01203 884212

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