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Peugeot Workers Vote To Strike

Talks between managers and trade union officials are continuing following a knife-edge vote by Peugeot staff at Ryton for strike action.

That should lead to a stoppage tomorrow and Friday ahead of all-out action from August 21. But with such a close vote, management want to talk and see if the stoppage can be avoided.

The voting revealed today showed there were 1,270 workers in favour of action, with only 31 fewer wanting to accept the latest deal brokered by management and union leaders.

It was third ballot following months of talks between management and unions leaders. They had a new deal to cut the number of compulsory Friday nights for weekday staff, and extra Mondays for weekend staff.

Management had previously said they would go ahead and issue the new contracts to be effective from August 21. They are said to be in line with the deals on French colleagues.

With the Ryton-produced 206 model proving popular, extra staff were taken on to meet demand and those workers were set to be given full contracts under the new deal. Some 3,000 people now work at the plant.

Workers have been warned they were playing with fire by threatening strike action for the first time in 20 years. While the West Midlands automotive industry remains in a precarious position, few can believe that workers would threaten to go on strike.

Chris Edwards, Peugeot spokesman said:

“We are talking to the unions at this stage over the implications of what was a finely balanced vote, it was virtually 50-50.

“We are in discussions over what could extremely damaging industrial action.”

He declined to say if this meant tomorrow’s strike action could still be averted.

Duncan Simpson, chief negotiator for the AEEU said he was worried about the possible impact of the strike on job security.

He said that British workers were more easily sacked by multinational companies than their French or German counterparts.

Unions had urged the Ryton workers, the most productive in the UK, to accept the new contracts. 

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