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206 Proves Easy Pickings For Thieves

Peugeot bosses say they are stunned by a survey that names the 206 model as the most thief-friendly car.

Peugeot 206The annual test by What Car? Magazine saw the popular car receive just 15 points out of 100.

In a test a thief was able to break and drive the car for a mile within five minutes.

Home Office security guidelines say that a car should be able to resist entry for two minutes, and not be driven away for a further five minutes.

More than seven out of 10 new cars failed to meet the mark, with only the Lexus IS200 getting full marks.

But Peugeot today said their own checks had shown the car had stood up well against thieves.

Spokesman Chris Edwards said the 206 is in a low insurance group for its class, and there had been no complaints from customers about security.

The success of the 206, which is made at Ryton, is the cause of the row over new contracts managers are trying to introduce.

Talks between managers and trade unions aimed at preventing an all-out stoppage at the plant are to continue on Monday.

Mr Edwards said of the security issue:

“We are surprised because it contradicts the evidence that we have got from the tests carried out internally.

“The car is a huge commercial success and the fastest selling ever. In total we have sold over one million through Europe in the last 18 months.”

What Car? editor Steve Fowler said:

“There's no doubt that car security generally is improving, but manufacturers are still making it too easy for thieves to get into cars - some can be entered in a matter of seconds - while valuables left in cars remain easy prey.”

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