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Strike Threat Lifted At Ryton Plant - At Last

Workers at Peugeot have voted not to strike in a ballot. The 3,000 staff accepted the latest offer from management over working hours, finally lifting the strike threat at the Ryton plant.

After successive ballots seeing a move towards workers accepting the revised offers, the latest ballot saw 60 per cent vote for a deal worked out last week between union leaders and management.

The previous deal saw a majority of just 31 as workers reject the proposals. They were revised again and workers voted over the weekend.

In the latest deal, the number of Fridays to be worked was cut back to nine per year for weekday staff, plus revised pay for weekend workers who would be compelled to work on Mondays.

Workers were sent ballot forms on Friday and the deadline for replies was noon today. Unions said this afternoon that 60 per cent of the workers have accepted the latest deal. 

That should end industrial action at Ryton in the argument over working hours that stretches back nearly 11 months.

Workers on the 206 model took part in three strikes ahead of the summer shutdown. 

Further stoppages came from management halting the production line to explain the last two deals to workers.

Just as this dispute has finally been settled it seems workers across the city at Jaguar are set to go down a similar route and want talks on working hours at their plants.

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