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Peugeot: Stop the Anti-Diesel Campaign

The Government could instantly help motorists save money on fuel, by giving up their campaign against diesel says Coventry-based Peugeot.

The company said this wake-up call comes in the week when the people want to learn how far they have to go between fill-ups.

Peugeot said diesel has cost more at the pumps for years, even thought it gives ‘vastly better fuel economy’ and that advanced technology has addressed its environmental performance.

Tod Evans, Peugeot MD, said:

“We have invested many millions in developing smooth, powerful and ultra economical diesel engines that are just as much fun to drive as their petrol counterparts.

“But the Government persists in penalising drivers of these cars.

“In a week when a car’s range between fill-ups has become paramount, the case against diesels looks weaker than ever.”

The company said its HDi engine range is a highly efficient new breed of direct injection diesel engines. They can cut fuel consumption by up to 27 per cent and reduce exhaust emissions by up to 60 per cent.

And at the same time this boosts the dynamic performance and engine refinement of the vehicles it is fitted to.

The company has introduced the world’s first diesel production car fitted with a particulate filter.

This new system will be fitted to the new 607 executive saloon being launched in the UK next month.

Its new filter system destroys all the microscopic fuel particles left over in the combustion process before they leave the exhaust pipe.

A Peugeot 206 HDi can achieve 68.9 mpg on an extra urban cycle and a 406 HDi will achieve 62.8 mpg. The company fits the Hdi diesel engine to the 206, 306, 406, 806 models.

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