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Mayor Looks Forward To Queen's Visit

The Lord Mayor of Coventry has spoken of her delight at the news that the Queen and HRH Prince Philip are to visit the city.

Next Friday 3 March will see the royals arrive at Coventry Railway Station and embark on a programme of events centering on World War II and the contribution made by workers on the home front.Cllr Mrs Joan Wright, Coventry City Council

Mayor of Coventry Cllr Mrs Joan Wright believes the choosing of the city as the location for the event is a great honour.

She said: 

"It is wonderful that Coventry has been chosen and is a huge boost to the national and international image of the city.

"I have no doubt that because of the blitz and the history of Coventry people realised that World War II was something very close to the heart of the place.

"The Queen last visited the city in Easter 1995 and that was a great day for Coventry and I am sure this will be as well."

And she admitted that the visit will have great significance for her as she comes to the end of her mayoral term.

She said: 

"I finish my year on 18 May and this will certainly be a great memory to take from that and one for the family scrapbook.

"I am looking forward to it and am praying the weather holds and it is a great day for everyone involved, because a lot of people have put a great deal of time into the organisation of the day."

Spokesman for Coventry Cathedral Lawrence Mortimer said that the day showed the respect that the city is held in.

"Coventry Cathedral is seen as a symbol of peace and reconciliation world wide and that is why it has been chosen for this event.

"It is perhaps ironic that the Cathedral is seen as a more important building outside the city than it is within Coventry.

"There will be a mix of older people who served in the home guard and schoolchildren who are keen to show their respect so the day will have a number of different emphases."

The royal couple will also visit the Council House for lunch and the Herbert Art Gallery to see an exhibition of local home front history.

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