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Two Can Safely Cross The A45

People living near the busy A45 in Canley, Coventry will be able to cross the road safely next year when two special crossings are built.

The “toucan” crossings, which are designed for cyclists and pedestrians to use, will be installed in Fletchamstead Highway by the junction with Charter Avenue and the roundabout at Sir Henry Parkes Road.

Toucan crossings are similar to pelican crossings, but are wider and have a light with a cycle symbol on it. The idea is that “two can” use them –cyclists and pedestrians.

The work, which is to be carried out by the Highways Agency at a cost of more than £160,000 follows years of campaigning by families living in the area.

Currently there is no crossing for over a mile of the road, and pedestrians often have to take their lives in their own hands when crossing.

The proposals have been influenced by a plea from Warwick University to make it easier for staff and students to walk or cycle to campus.

And the changes will allow people living in Canley to get access to Canley Ford.

The scheme to install a crossing opposite the garage next to the ford, was originally included in plans to turn Canley ford into a millennium green.

The Highways Agency have agreed to do the work this financial year, and are likely to start in January.

Cllr John McNicholas, cabinet member (Environmental Services), gave the scheme his approval yesterday.

Sustainable transport officer Jan Cook said Coventry City Council were asked to comment as the road is to be “de-trunked” shortly.

This means the road will pass from the control of the Highways Agency to the council.

Approval was also given for improvements to the subway passing under the dual carriageway from Prior Deram Walk.

Lighting is to be improved and a mural painted after youngsters in the area said the subway was unsafe and needed to be changed.
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