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Coventry Schools To Close As Places Cut

Schools in Coventry could be axed, merged or reduced in size as part of plans to cut 2,000 surplus places.

If the plans being outlined by Coventry Local Education Authority go ahead some schools in the city will be closed.

Current forecasts suggest that there will be 4,882 surplus places in city primary schools by January 2005. This figure has to be cut to at least 2,828 before then.

Coventry is divided into 14 different areas for schools. A certain proportion – 10 per cent – of places are to be kept to allow for children of asylum seekers who are expected to arrive in Coventry as part of the national dispersal scheme set up to spread the load around the country.

In making their recommendations, education officers have considered criteria including the viability of schools, accessibility, the quality of the building and the quality of the education.

Councillors are this week being asked their views on the plans. Once the scheme has gone to the Cabinet, scrutiny committee and full council, an eight week public consultation period will begin.

Schools earmarked for changes are:

  • Howes: rebuild or remodel and partly demolish. (saving 246 places)

  • Alderman Harris and Sir Henry Parkes: combine on a new site. (saving 197)

  • Limbrick Wood: remodel into the junior building. (129)

  • Stanton Bridge: reduce in size. (105)

  • St Augustine’s RC: reduce in size. (105)

  • St Benedict’s RC and St Mary’s RC: amalgamate on St Benedict’s site. (182)

  • Annie Osborn: remodel and demolish part of the building, or rebuild with a nursery. (266)

  • Eburn and Wood End: combine. (473 or 368, depending on which option is taken)

  • St Patrick’s: reduce in size. (49)

  • St Anne’s RC and Corpus Christi: amalgamate on Corpus Christi site. (238)

Some other parts of Coventry are still awaiting proposals.
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