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Car Park To Crumble For City Initiative

Work to prepare a multi-storey car park in Coventry for demolition as part of the city’s Phoenix Initiative has begun.

Asbestos is being removed and properties by the Fairfax Street car park are being emptied to get the area safe for final demolition.

It is being cleared as part of the £40 million Phoenix Initiative, which includes a millennium walkway detailing the city’s history.

There will also be new bars, restaurants and flats in a privately-built part of the development aimed at revitalising the city centre.

Once the clearance and demolition work is complete the new Priory Place can be built.

Project manager Colin Dale said:

“I am pleased that we are now in position to begin the necessary work on the car park demolition which forms the first part of the building work for Priory Place.

“The redevelopment continues at a steady pace, and the project will regenerate the city’s leisure scene for visitors of Coventry to enjoy.”

Because of the work, pavements in the area between Sainsbury's and the Britannia Hotel will be narrowed, and changes will also be made to access for vehicles.

Peter Collard of the City Centre Company said:

”The demolition work will mean that Phoenix Initiative can continue and, although some disruption will be inevitable for vehicles and pedestrians whilst the work is ongoing, the end result will be a more interesting and exciting locality for visitors ton enjoy in the future.”
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