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Parents Lured Back To Maths Lessons

Parents and carers are being encouraged shake off their fear of maths by joining children in special lessons at a Coventry school.

A series of Mathematics fayres are being arranged at Chace Primary School in Willenhall to give adults the chance to see that maths is fun.

The aim is to make parents less wary of the subject. Many feel they cannot help their children because they have been away from doing maths for so long, and methods have changed since they were at school.

The fayres are being held on Monday 29 January, Monday 5 February and Monday 12 February.

Karen Skoro, Headteacher at Chace Primary School said:

"The school fayres and ongoing support are aimed at bridging the gap between children and their parents.

"Many parents are fearful of maths and feel unable to support their children with their learning, maybe due to being out of education for some time or they may feel methods of teaching maths have changed over the years.

"Hopefully we can help parents become more confident in giving maths support."

The three Mathematics Fayres are entitled Talking about Shape and Space, Talking about Number and Talking about Measures.

The children and parents will tackle maths challenges, play games, solve puzzles and provide ideas to involve all the family in maths activities at home with free supporting reference packs.

Following the three events parents will be invited to join a six-week "Keeping up with the Children" course at the school, which will build on what they have learnt and offer ongoing support.

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