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Gritty Road Clearing Effort Praised

Nearly 2,000 tonnes of salt have been sprinkled over Coventry’s roads and pavements in during the recent cold weather to keep traffic and people moving in and out of the city centre.

The staff, who have been called out on 23 different occasions because of frost and snow, have been praised for their efforts in keeping the city open.

All the major roads and bus routes are gritted as well as other areas where frost is know to cause particular problems.

Coventry city Council’s fleet of ten vehicles has deposited 1,800 tonnes of salt this winter.

The team of staff from Coventry Contract Services and Client Agency, who take on the extra role voluntarily, have been praised for their efforts.

Cllr Jack Harrison, cabinet member (Community Services) said:

“Staff have been working very hard and I would like to thank them for their efforts.

“Our main is to ensure that the commercial life of the city is protects: this means not only should people be able to get to work, they should be able to get to the shops and children should be able to get to school.”

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