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Call Centre Health Checks Ordered In City 

Telephone call centres in Coventry are being targeted by health and safety officers to make sure that staff are working in the correct conditions.

Thirteen call centres in the city are to be visited by officers as part of a national campaign to improve conditions.

There is growing evidence that the 300,000 people employed across the country are at risk from suffering upper limb disorders, loss of hearing and voice stress.

Health and safety officers from Coventry City Council will making sure that employers know about the law and good practice in relation to these staff.

Cllr John McNicholas, cabinet member (Environmental Services), said:

“It is vital that we help employers protect their employees working in these call centres.

“My officers will be able to give practical advice to ensure safe working practices are the norm and that people in Coventry do not suffer hearing loss or limb problems just because they are trying to earn a living.”

Health and safety advice is available to employers and employees from John Print on 024 7683 1881.

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John Green Personnel Services

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