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Coventry Council Tax Soars Above Inflation 

Coventry’s council tax is to rise by more than 4 per cent next month, leading to an average bill of £748 across the city.

The rise, which was passed last night by Coventry City Council, is being used to pay for a big increase in social services and education spending.

Even Band A houses will now have to pay more than £700, while people living in the most expensive houses will have to pay over £2,100

With the exception of residents living in the parishes of Allesley and Keresley, where an extra sum has to be paid, the average bill, before rebates are calculated, will be £748.

  £ £ £
A 709 680 566
B 828 793 661
C 946 907 755
D 1,064 1,020 850
E 1,301 1,247 1,038
F 1,537 1,473 1,227
G 1,774 1,700 1,416
H 2,129 2,040 1,699

City council deputy leader Cllr John Mutton boasted that the rise of 4.4 per cent was the lowest among metropolitan councils in the West Midlands.

  • An increase of £4.5 million in ongoing social services spending, plus one off contribution of £2 million.
  • An increase of £4.6 million in spending on education
  • £4.5 million increase in spending on all other services

Councillor Mutton said:

"In setting the council tax for next year we have consulted with the City Forum, trades unions, business and voluntary organisations, area planning, the youth council and of course people in our local ward surgeries.

"The message that we have received has been that people want us to carry on with much of the good work that we are already doing.

“They want us to protect the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our community, they want us to continue to bring more jobs to the city and to continue our work with the police and local communities in tackling crime.

“At the same time people have also told us that they get really annoyed by things like cracked pavements and potholes.

"By increasing the council tax by 4.4 per cent, a 60 pence per week increase on the average council tax bill, we will be able to deliver a spending plan which addresses these priorities and at the same to ensures that we continue to balance the books."

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