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Sex Shop Plan For Coventry City Centre

Controversy is looming over plans to open a sex shop in Coventry city centre.

An application has been lodged with the city council licensing department for a shop in Hales Street.

Submitted by Timothy Hemmings, it proposes a store to open from 9am to 6pm called Adult Play Things every day except Sunday.

A city council spokesman said the application had not yet been considered. 

Hales Street currently has several empty buildings, but the end of the street is due to be revamped as part of the Phoenix Initiative.

The Hippodrome is due to be demolished to make way for a new square called Millennium Place, and a new frontage for the Museum of British Road Transport.

If the application is granted, it would not be the only sex-based shop in the city centre, as Ann Summers has a shop in Hertford Street.
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