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Trees To Be Planted In Revived City Woodland

A woodland area Coventry is to be transformed from an overgrown area to a place where wildflowers will bloom and new footpaths will link a community.

The work in Jardine Crescent has been made possible thanks to Coventry City Council’s city development directorate and a  £75,000 grant from the Onyx Environmental Trust through the Landfill Tax.

Once the work is completed homes on one side of the woodland will be linked with the shops on the other side.

All of the improvements are those that residents have asked for and will include a general clean-up, removal of litter, improvements to the footpaths, the planting of wildflowers and the removal of overgrown and dense bramble.

Major tree surgery is also needed in the area as some of the trees are in a dangerous condition. 

Only those that need to be removed will be felled, while others will have some of their branches cut back.

Where possible some of the cut wood will be used to create habitat piles or homes for the bugs that are part of the woodland environment.

More than 400 new trees will be planted and in time they will grow to mature oak trees.

Cllr Dave Batten, cabinet member (Development and Renewal), said:

"The Jardine Crescent area is rich in woodland, some of which is hundreds of years old.

”And the work that we are undertaking will enable people to enjoy the wood more and improve the environment now and for the future.

“What we need now is help to make sure the new young trees can become established and the flowers are allowed to grow and bloom."

This project is part of the city's Land Reclamation Action Plan, which aims to improve derelict and under-used areas of the city for the benefit of local people.

It has been designed by Groundwork Coventry and is being carried out by CovWise a local organisation that provides training opportunities and a wage for the long term unemployed.

Once the basic preparation and clearing work is done, there will be an opportunity for local people to get involved with the project. Anyone interested should contact Debbie Brown on 024 7683 2643.
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