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Coventry Children Get To Grips With Science

Schools across Coventry are celebrating National Science Week in style with a range of activities across the city.

The aim of the week of events is to promote science to the population at large with over 4,000 activities planned nationally.

In Coventry the activities are being brought into the classroom to demonstrate how important science is to our daily lives in a way that is accessible, fun and innovative.

Lord Sainsbury, the Minister for Science, said of the week:

"Our continued success in science is dependent on convincing young people about the exciting opportunities that science offers them, and on winning public support.

“This is where National Science Week plays such an important role."

Cllr George Duggins, cabinet member (Education and Library Service) said:

"Science Week gives youngsters the opportunity to have fun and learn at the same time.

"The sessions will explore the "magic" of science and allow the children to try real hands-on experiments. We may have some budding scientists in our schools just waiting to be inspired."

Activities in the city include:

  • Two actors from the "Living History of Science" will take on the role of Isaac Newton and Michael Faraday and perform in front of audiences in 12 different schools.
  • Children from 10 schools will take tours of the solar system in a mobile planetaria.
  • In another six schools children will be investigating the science involved in blowing bubbles. 
  • Tim Jenkins from Stratford Butterfly Farm is bringing a selection of mini beasts into two schools.
Volunteers from Brandon Marsh are working with children in two schools to explore the potential of their school grounds.
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