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Coventry's Disabled Helped To Feel At Home

Disabled people living in Coventry have received a £2 million boost to help them adapt their homes to their needs.

Coventry City Council has allocated £1million this financial year and another £1million will be available in the financial year beginning in April to the scheme.

The extra money is already showing its benefits, with 120 disabled people being given help.

Coventry’s scheme has been given another boost by increased government funding, with a a rise of 23 per cent from the Department of Environment Transport and the Regions.

The grants help seriously disabled people to convert/change their home so they can live independent lives. The grants can pay for a range of building projects including:

  • Converting a room/building an extension to provide a downstairs bathroom/bedroom facility
  • Building wheelchair ramps to gain access into/out of their home
  • Renovating a kitchen to provide low level units and cooking facilities

Cllr John McNicholas, cabinet member (Environmental Services) said:

"What these grants do are to vastly improve the quality of life of a disabled householder and allow them freedom to get around their own home.

"Even though we have invested an extra £2million into the scheme we acknowledge that there are still people waiting for help.

“But the extra money the council has put in and the increased allocation from the Government will allow us to help another hundred plus disabled people over the next year."
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