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Car Firms Eye Coventry As A Future Prospect

Automotive firms have been eying up Coventry as a place to create new jobs after the city went to the heart of the American car industry to sell itself.

A trip to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) in Detroit saw an officer from Coventry City Council overwhelmed by the amount of interest shown.

Meetings with specific firms have thrown up several strong leads that could lead to companies moving to Coventry.

Cllr Dave Batten cabinet member (Development and Renewal) said:

"We have to go world-wide to secure future investment in the city and to help attract companies that will bring with them jobs for local people.

“Coventry is the ideal location for investment from research and development companies in the automotive sector.

“Lots of contacts were made at this show and as the saying goes from little acorns big oaks grow. 

“It may be a while before we reap the rewards of the visit but we will be following up every lead and trying our best to bring some of these companies to Coventry."

Coventry City Council's Centre for Investment went to SAE under a new branding 'The British Midlands' in partnership with the two Regional Development Agencies in the East and West Midlands and other local authorities.
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