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Council To Spend Thousands Repairing City Baths

Coventry City council is spending more than a quarter of a million pounds in the next 18 months to update the city’s swimming pool and sports centre. Improvements given the go ahead include a 56,000 revamp of the Fairfax Street’s reception area.

A further 80,000 will be spent on installing a new energy efficient heating system and improvements to some of the fire escape routes.

A report before councillors said, in the future, the city council would hope to spend more money to improve the facility, including completely re-tiling the main 50 metre pool and giving the main pool changing rooms a facelift.

It said that some of the cash for long-term projects may have to come from English Heritage and even the lottery.

The massive sports complex was built for the people in Coventry in 1966 and in many cities such complexes have been demolished to make way for newer and more easy to maintain complexes.

But in Coventry, councillors’ hands are tied after the Secretary of State slapped a preservation order on it, making the sports centre a Grade II listed building. Inspectors said the 32-year-old baths were of historic and architectural significance.

It means the council is committed, long-term, to look after the ageing building.

A report before the council’s Sports and Parks policy team listed the latest repairs planned which came to 291,000. The cash will come from a central repair fund.

Among the improvements are plans for the reception which will include improved security. The report said money will also be spent improving communications between receptionists and customers and providing a warmer welcome to visitors to the centre.

Other schemes include repairs to the glass in the pool’s staircase, replacing the fans which pump water around the 50 metre pool and repairs to the Centre’s squash courts.

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