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Ears And Eyes Looking Out For Pub Yobs

A radio link scheme to cut the soaring amount of violence in Leamington is being launched just a fortnight after the idea was suggested.

Twelve pubs have signed up to a new radio link following a spate of incidents in the town.

And the police licensing officer who helped the scheme come to fruition hopes the link will spread once other landlords hear about its success.

Insp Charlie Butler said:

"I held a meeting just a couple of weeks ago with local licensees to discuss the scheme. Just a few days later and we have a proven scheme about to go live. It's very good news.

"There has been a lot of talk about violence in the town centre during the evenings and what the police are doing to tackle it.

Chris Donnachie Chairman of the Association of Leamington Licensees added:

“By joining the Leamington Radio Link we can help keep our members be aware of what is going on around the town and gain direct access to the CCTV control room thus allowing a more immediate response from the police if problems do arise.

“We hope that when other licensees hear about the clear benefits of the radio link they will join in as well.

Town centre manager Ian Coker said linking the eyes of CCTV with the ears of the radio link would help all businesses in the town tackle crime.

He said:

“This can only be good news for all those people who use the town centre during the day and night

"We have just completed another door supervision scheme with the support of Warwickshire College, we are working at introducing a "proof of age" scheme and now with the radio link scheme going live everyone can see that the licensees in Leamington are as keen as anyone to do their bit in helping to reduce violence in the town centre.

"I would like to see these kinds of initiatives become the standard and a clear condition of all pubs and clubs gaining a licence."
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