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Taking The Grot Out Of Grottoes 

A different kind of little helper will be visiting Santa’s grottoes in Warwickshire this Christmas to make sure that small children aren’t being given dangerous presents.

Trading standards officers in the county are to visit the grottoes to check out the toys being given to young visitors by Father Christmas.

They will be making sure that the toys are safe, and appropriate for the age of the child.

A spokesman said:

“The Trading Standards Service is concerned that many of the toys given out are unsuitable for children under the age of three years because they contain small parts, which if swallowed might choke a young child.

“Parents are advised to always state the age of their children on visiting Santa so that he can give them toys, which are appropriate.

“Parents should also follow the warnings given on the toys their children receive and look for the European CE mark, the BSI Kite and Lion Quality marks.“

The spokesman also warned parents of the danger of toys being given to older children possibly being a danger to younger children.

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