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Kuwaiti Ambassador Visits Coventry For Discussions About Iraq

A high level meeting between diplomats and religious leaders is taking place at Coventry Cathedral and Coventry University on Wednesday 26 January to discuss the problems posed by Iraq, as a result of Canon Andrew White’s position at the forefront of negotiations between Iraq and Britain.

The meeting will explore what actions should be taken about the continued threat of Iraq to Middle East peace, the missing Kuwaiti Prisoners of War, and the sanctions against Iraq which are continuing to hurt the ordinary Iraqis whilst doing little to harm the Iraqi government.

The meeting is to be chaired by the Bishop of Coventry and Canon Andrew White, International Director at Coventry Cathedral. 

Participants will be the Kuwaiti Ambassador, representatives of the United States of America and the Saudi Arabian Embassies, the head of the Iraqi Desk at the Foreign Office, Mr John Davis and the Marquis of Reading, who accompanied Canon White to Iraq on his last visit with the Flying Hospital. 

Andrew Rigby, Director of the Centre for the Study of Forgiveness and Reconciliation at Coventry University will also be present.

Canon Andrew White, Director of International Ministry  024 76 227597


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