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Etch Your Name In History At Coventry Cathedral

People from all over the world can have a name recorded for time immemorial at Coventry Cathedral as part of a £1million appeal for a millennium chapel.

A glass screen etched with hundreds of names is to be put up as part of the project to provide people with a quiet spot for prayer and thought.

People who contribute £1,000 to the appeal can have a name of their choice etched into the screen.

Many people who have given money so far have chosen to remember a relative or loved-one, while others have decided to put their own name on the screen.

Companies are also being invited to contribute to the appeal, which will be used to build the new chapel and carry out other much-needed work in the cathedral.

Michael Mogan of Coventry Cathedral Development Trust said that over £320,000 had been raised so far.

He said he expected the appeal to last for about three years.

Mr Mogan said the names would be interspersed with a design on the glass screen so it did not get the feel of a war memorial.

The chapel is expected to be built in the autumn in time for the 60th anniversary of the bombing of Coventry in November.

Mr Mogan said:

“It was the Provost’s idea to have somewhere quiet for the pilgrim. All the other chapels are open and do not feel very private.

“When the screen goes up it will only have 300 names on it and more will be added.

“We are expecting more people to show interest in it once the chapel is built.”

Mr Mogan said that income tax payers could pay just £770 for the name, and the money could be given in instalments.

He said:

“There used to be a lot of forms to fill in to claim the tax, but it is very simple now.”

Anyone who wants more information can ring Mr Mogan on 024 7622 7597 or email

People who want a chance to get their names on the screen for less can do so by voting in the poll to find the person of the millennium.

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