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Bob Takes Gold In Sydney

A Leamington athlete has achieved his dream by winning gold in the Paralympics in Sydney.

Bob Matthews, aged 39, made up for bad luck four years ago in Atlanta when he was disqualified from the silver medal position in the 10,000m.

Running in the T11 class for visually-impaired runners, he was ruled out of the reckoning when his guide got in front of him by a tiny margin on the line.

Visually impaired runners are connected by a rope to a guide who can see and help them round the track.

For long distance races such as the 10,000m, two guides are used in case one person cannot keep up with the athlete.

The guide is not allowed to go in front as he could be deemed to be helping the athlete keep his pace.

Bobís victory last week helped round off more success for the British team on the track, and in the overall games the team is ranking high in the medals table.

It was his seventh gold medal, but his first for eight years. He also competes in the 5,000m and the marathon, and will be hoping to make it to the 5,000m final on Wednesday morning.

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