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Tickets Sales Blaze Away As Fever Mounts

Ice hockey play-off fever has gripped Coventry, with fans scrambling to buy tickets for the Blaze’s crucial home games before they sell out.

It seems certain that there will be a full house for the first home game against Peterborough Pirates at 6pm on Sunday.

The Skydome has seating for 2,119, with up to 800 standing. This standing number is currently reduced to 500 because of the space that the teams’ benches and penalty boxes take up.

But if there is a shut-out on Sunday, security bosses and club officials will consider whether it is possible to let more people in for the games.

Coventry play Peterborough, Guildford and Milton Keynes on successive weekends in the climax to the season. To make it to the semi-finals the team has to finish in at least second place in the group.

Complications over the various clubs’ ice time meant the fixtures were not released until Tuesday, but despite this tickets have sold at a record pace.

The Blaze’s legendary away support, voted the best in the league in a recent poll, is also cranking up for loud trips to the opposition, and the visitors’ section for the games at Guildford this Saturday and Peterborough next Sunday have almost sold out.

The home game against Guildford on 10 March has been moved to a 7pm face-off, instead of the usual 6pm.

Coventry Blaze finance director Andy Buxton said:

“If you want to book tickets for Sunday's game v Peterborough, please call the Skydome on 024 7663 0693 rather than any other number you may have.

“They are reserving tickets for collection and payment on the night of the game so it may be worth a quick call even if you don't pay straight away.

“If you use this method, you'll have to queue on the night to pay for your ticket but you will know you have the seat you want.

“If you ring up and pay over the phone, you won't have to queue at the box office and can collect from the Skydome collection people on the night of the game.

“The phone lines are quite busy so please be patient if you don't get through straight away.

“We've already had more tickets sold or reserved than for any other game this season and they've only been on sale for about 48 hours so demand is high.

“I can say that we HAVE NOT reserved any blocks for schools for this game so there are plenty of seats available.

“My own view is that I think we'll get everyone in, but not necessarily everyone in a seat so if you want to be sure of sitting down, I would suggest you phone and reserve."


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