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Peugeot Backs Coventry Rugby

Coventry Rugby Club logoCoventry Rugby Club today announced a 100,000 sponsorship with city car giants Peugeot.

The two-year deal is one of the largest in the Allied Dunbar Premiership Two division and includes some money from central government under the Sportsmatch scheme.

Peugeot, who have backed the club for the whole of the 1990s, looked on the brink of pulling out sponsorship until the present board rescued the club. But Rod Philpot, of the company, said the club was now moving in the right direction.

He told a press conference today:

"We are in the business of being side by side with successful companies. Coventry have proved in recent years that they can come out of adversity and keep the balance sheet straight.

"Had the club being heading in a different direction I can promise you things would have been different.

"We have agreed a two year deal because a 12-month arrangement may have led to doubt. There is no doubt on our behalf at all we support them on the pitch and off it."

Five thousands pounds of the deal has been match by the government and will be channelled towards youth rugby. Councillor Dave Edwards, a keen supporter of the club, also revealed a new scheme to allow first team players into secondary schools to encourage youngsters to take up the sport.

Club chairman Keith Fairbrother said that all senior players were taking coaching exams to allow them to train local teachers.

He added: 

"We are very pleased that Peugeot have shown this amount of confidence in us. The sponsorship from Peugeot will substantially increase our investment in youth rugby and in this city and the county.

"A lot of stars who started in Coventry have slipped through our fingers but we want to make sure that we foster talent and see it come through here at this club."

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