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'Raunchy' Lady Godiva Travels World Over

A “raunchy” calendar featuring pictures of Coventry and a print of a classic painting of Lady Godiva is proving an international hit.

Lady Godiva, by John Hollier. Courtesy of Herbert Art GalleryProud Coventrians are buying the calendar to send to friends and relatives as far away as Australia and New Zealand.

One customer, returning to the Tourist Information Centre in Bayley Lane to buy one to send to friends in Brussels, said they had already sent five to South Africa.

But one person has turned the calendar down flat, finding the reprint of John Hollier’s 1898 painting of Lady Godiva “too raunchy to send to my aunt”.

The famous picture, owned by the Herbert Art Gallery, is the centrepiece of the calendar and is featured on June’s page – the month when the Godiva festival is held.

Hilary Hopker of Coventry and Warwickshire Promotions, which produces the calendar, said around 2,000 copies had been sold.

She said that the calendar, which appeared for the first time last year, was the only one that used modern images of the city, instead of relying on nostalgia for Coventry’s past.

She said:

”People like it because it’s got really nice images of their city and they are proud to send it overseas and said 'what a lovely place I come from'.

“It has also been popular for having the Lady Godiva image, and people also like it because it’s got lots of space to write their birthdays and other appointments.”

The calendar remains on sale at the Tourist Information Centre, telephone 024 7622 7264. People can order them from abroad by emailing
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