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Truncheon Used To Rob Nuneaton Taxi Driver 

A policeman’s truncheon and a beer bottle were used to attack a Nuneaton taxi driver when two passengers tried to rob him.

Five people were picked up about 2am and Saturday in Nuneaton for a lift to Bedworth where the attack on the 37-year-old driver took place.

A police spokeswoman said:

“He picked up five passengers in Bond Gate, Nuneaton, and they asked him to take them to Bedworth. 

“They stopped in Dark Lane and three got out leaving two in the car. They then asked him to drive into the car park on Arthur Alford House, also in Dark Lane

“The two men remaining then got out, opened the driver’s door and threatened him. One had a truncheon and one had a beer bottle.

“They then caused damage to the car, but the taxi driver was able to raise the alarm. The taxi driver was uninjured but clearly very shaken by what happened. It was an attempted robbery and no money was taken.”

The truncheon was said to be 18-inches long and thought to be actual police equipment.

The attackers were both said to by white males, aged 20 to 25, about 5ft 8in, and slim builid. The first was also said to clean-shaven with short dark hair.

Anyone with information should call Bedworth Police on 01926 415000.


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