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Pensioner Thrown Across Room By Crook

A burglar threw an 87-year-old woman across her living room before stealing up to 8,000 of her savings yesterday

He went to her home in Bridge Street in Warwick at 3pm and told her that he had come to fix the heating.

As people had been saying that it had been cold, she let him in.

He walked past her and went into the bedroom and started opening cupboards. He then moved into the sitting room and did the same.

The pensioner realised that he was up to no good and told him to stop.

He thrust her into a chair and when she tried to tell him to stop again he picked her up and dragged her across the floor and threw her into another chair.

The attacker told the woman to be quiet, otherwise she would be hurt.

He left with between 6,000 and 8,000 that the woman had stored in the house.

Police are appealing for any witnesses to come forward. The man is between 30 and 40, 5ft 7in to 10ins, medium to large build and had short dark hair and dark clothing, which may have been woolly. Anyone who can help should all 01926 415000.

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