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Grant Give City Subways CCTV Safety Boost

Security cameras are to be installed for the first time in subways crossing Coventry’s ring road as part of a £350,000 CCTV upgrade.

Two government grants are to be made to the City Centre Company after approval was given to an outline scheme to make Coventry a safer place.

The two grants will cover the installation of 10 new cameras in high priority areas in the city centre, a mobile unit, upgrade work to the control room and, for the first time, cameras in ring road subways.

Roger Bache, of the City Centre Company, said the news would take government investment in Coventry's CCTV operation past the £500,000 mark.

He said:

"We are delighted. The first grant is for £60,000 plus a contribution from the City Centre Company, for new cameras in the hub of the city.

“We are aware that certain areas need better coverage and this will help us achieve that.

"The mobile camera will allow us to target trouble spots or to cover areas hosting special events.

"We have been aware for a considerable time that people can be uncomfortable using the underpasses in and out of the city centre and the second grant will be a massive boost.

"It allows for 56 new cameras and, again, control room updating to enable us to monitor the new equipment.

"We had to make outline applications which have both been approved. Now it is just a matter of identifying suitably qualified contractors and putting everything in place ready for the final go-ahead.

"Our aim is to make the city centre as safe as possible for workers and visitors and we feel we have made great strides to that end. CCTV is a vital component of that strategy and we are among the most advanced city centres in the country."

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