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Jobless Downward Trend Leads The Uk

People in Coventry and Warwickshire finding jobs accounted for 10 per cent of the 6,500 reduction in unemployment across the UK last month.

And the jobless gap compared with the rest of the West Midlands widened even further. The regional figure stayed static at 4.8 per cent but Coventry and Warwickshire fell to a 20-year historic low of only 3.4 per cent.

"Equally important, the number of new vacancies leapt up by 42 per cent," said a spokesman for The Chamber.

"This augurs well for a continuing downward trend next month.

"Service sector growth is more than compensating for the reduction in manufacturing jobs-often driven as much by the need to raise productivity and control prices through new methods and equipment as by the slowdown in the manufacturing sector."

Both Coventry and Warwickshire contributed to the improving unemployment with falls of two percentage points, down from 5.1 to 4.9 per cent in the city and from 2.8 to 2.6 per cent in the county. Three years ago the Coventry figure hovered around nine per cent.

Analysts at the Chamber of Commerce, Training and Enterprise found that 7 5 per cent of the new vacancies fell into four job sectors. These are distribution, hotels and restaurants (22 per cent) manufacturing, banking and finance (both at 18 per cent), and public administration, education and health (at 17 per cent).

Amongst the hardest to fill vacancies were those in the personal and protective services, such as healthcare. Of 2,334 jobs, 1,612 remained unfilled.

In sales 800 jobs out of 1,153 are still open. Even in manufacturing around a third of the 1,838 jobs offered were not snapped up. Of 429 construction jobs, only 121 were filled.

Two thirds of 1,813 banking and finance jobs went begging

Stratford and Warwick saw the largest reductions in unemployment, down by 7.2 and 5.2 per cent respectively. Coventry's total fell by 4.6 per cent.

Only Rugby showed an increase, up by 23, and the town also reported the smallest increase in new vacancies.

"One month's figures are not worrying," said The Chamber spokesman.

Total new vacancies leapt from 2,766 to almost 4,000.




New Vacancies

  +/-   +/-  
Coventry -362 7,487 +870 2,290
Rugby +23 1,208 +31 314
North Warwickshire -35 883 +44 108
Nuneaton and Bedworth -104 1,933 +83 434
Stratford-upon-Avon -74 951 +44 288
Warwick -91 1,643 +82 486
Totals -643 14,105 +1,154 3,920


The Chamber only reports on new openings sent to Job Centres during the month, reckoned to be a third of the total, and does not include long term vacancies.

MORE INFORMATION:  Barry Lloyd-Jones   01203 654260

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