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Prime Time TV Slot For Tough Trolleys

Shopping trolleys are about to hit prime time TV - thanks to a link up between Warwick-based Wanzl UK and programme makers Meridian TV.

The trolleys will be shown being tested to extremes at Wanzl's Leipheim laboratories in Germany for Meridian's new series 'Tested to Destruction' on ITV on Monday 19 July at 8.30pm.

The 'Tested to Destruction' series, being presented by Carol Vorderman, aims to highlight what lengths leading manufacturers of products as diverse as shopping trolleys, tennis rackets, baked beans, military aircraft, crash test dummies, footballs and body armour have to go to prove strength and reliability.

Jason Cloke, Wanzl UK managing director, said:

"Wanzl UK is part of Wanzl, the world's largest manufacturer of shopping equipment, including trolleys.

"We pride ourselves on the quality of our products - each trolley is expected to cover around 2,00Okm a year with a 7-10 year average life expectancy. In order to achieve that reliability, we put all trolley components and their finishes through extensive testing to ensure they remain safe and reliable in even the most extreme conditions."

Castors were filmed being continually run over rough services. being stopped abruptly at speed and running along a continually rolling road that contains a hump or kerb.

Trolleys are shown being tilted to demonstrate at what angle they will finally flip over while basket strength is demonstrated by weights being dropped on the front ends.

Child seats undergo impact tests that involve weights being dropped on them and whole trolleys are immersed in containers of salt water humidity to check for zinc oxidisation or lacquer break down and corrosion resistance.

Jason said:

"Wanzl's success is underpinned by our research which has enabled nearly 2,000 high quality product ranges to be developed and sold across the world.

"Our reputation relies on high quality products and our research and testing laboratories are second to none in the industry. Viewers will be truly amazed at what our trolleys have to withstand. We apply the same strict quality and safety standards to everything we produce.

"Last year Wanzl UK alone sold more than one million trolleys - now everyone will be able to see why we are the world's leading manufacturer of retail equipment."

MORE INFORMATION: Jane Grant or Andrea Harper, PR Support  01926 425533

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