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Coombe Set For World Naturist First

Coventry Council are assuring visitors to Coombe Park that they will not be exposed to nudity, despite the fact that the world’s first naturist trade show will be held there next summer.

The council agreed that the exhibition should be allowed to take place after looking through a document prepared by organisers Natural Events Limited.

Head of the Sports and Parks team Tim Bryan believes that there will be no negative effects for Coventry.

He said:

"I know one of the local papers created a false photograph a few months ago of naturists wandering round the park, but I think the people of Coventry have a sense of humour and they know that will not be the case.

"We have not had any negative feedback about the idea and were happy to give it the green light as the organisers appear to have done a very professional job.

"We have been shown plans that make it clear that any visitors to the main park will not encounter naturists without being given clear warning.

"There will be certain designated areas where some people may be nude but these will be clearly marked and well away from the visitors centre at Coombe."

The commercial event will begin on 2 June 2000 and run for the weekend providing people with information about holiday and leisure opportunities, with the organising company formed specifically for this show.

It will be the first of its kind in the world and Bryan believes people should not overlook the potential benefits to the city.

He said:

"You have to remember that this is a world trade show which means thousands of visitors attracted to the city, staying in hotels, touring the city and spending money in Coventry.

"The purpose of it is to inform people who want to know more about naturism and I don’t think there are any people in the city who are desperate for it not to be held here."

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