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Local Transport Plan 2000

All Authorities in the West Midlands County have to draw up a Local Transport Plan (LTP) together. This details what transport and other problems we face and what strategies we will use to address them.

Local Tranport PlanThe Local Transport Plan is submitted to the Government who will assess the quality of the bid and decide how much money they will allow the authorities to borrow in order to implement the Plan.

Some Councils are talking to the Government about raising extra funds by putting a levy on parking spaces at work. The City Council has decided that this would not be acceptable to the people of Coventry.

In July 1999, the seven West Midlands authorities and the West Midlands Passenger Transport Authority submitted their provisional plan to the Government for consideration. In July 2000 we have to submit the full five-year plan showing what aims we set ourselves, how we will achieve them and how this will be monitored.

The Council is keen to ensure that the plan we submit will be the right one for Coventry. We have to balance the needs and demands of everyone in our society. We have to consider what businesses tell us is good for the economy, what environmental groups tell us is good for the environment, and what health groups tell us is good for us individually.

It isn't easy but an effective and efficient transport system is vital to the future success of Coventry.

Because all the authorities in the West Midlands submit their plans jointly, we have picked out the key elements that apply to Coventry. We need you to consider transport carefully and give us your views.

The Local Transport Plan is designed to keep Coventry moving; to keep you moving. We must make sure that we get it right.

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