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Robinson Pursued For £3.6m Tax Debt

Coventry MP Geoffrey Robinson is being targeted by the French tax authorities over an unpaid £3.6 million bill, it has been reported.

The Coventry North West MP inherited two luxury apartments in Cannes from his business partner, Joska Bourgeois, according to the Guardian.

The apartments, which have been used for holidays by senior figures including Cherie Blair and Gordon Brown, also had an unpaid tax debt attached to them dating back to 1978-80.

Court action has now been taken in France to seize the apartments from Mr Robinson.

Belgian authorities have also taken action over tax bills owed by Mr Robinson, who had to resign from the Government over details of an undisclosed loan he made to Peter Mandelson.

The Belgians claim he owes £4.5 million following Bourgeoisí sale of a Japanese car franchise for £15 million in 1978.

She left the country without settling the tax bill, and Mr Robinson is being pursued for the money because he was the sole beneficiary of her £35 million will.

The embattled former Jaguar boss has also been criticised for his use of a blind offshore trust, and the collapse of his Trans Tec business.

The Guardian reported that it was unable to contact Mr Robinson for a comment on the matter.

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