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Wildlife Grants For River Leam

A conservation project aiming to reduce pollution around the River Leam near Southam, Warwickshire, is about to benefit from a cash injection from the local council.

Stratford District Council is giving 7,000 to the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group for Warwickshire (FWAG), which hands out the grants for small-scale wildlife conservation projects in south Warwickshire.

The plan is to enhance the environment in the river's catchment area around Southam, Long Itchington and Bishops Itchington, aiming to reduce pollution and re-establish flood meadows to eventually reduce flooding downstream.

The district council's grant to FWAG will also fund other small-scale wildlife conservation projects undertaken during this year by farmers, community groups and others, such as pond clearing, restoration of flood meadows, and management of grassland to help wildflowers.

FWAG is an independent advisory group for farmers and landowners, who will use the money to administer the award of grants under a new scheme entitled Countryside Action for Wildlife - Stratford-on-Avon District (CAWS). A priority scheme for the district is the River Leam project.

"This is a very important element of countryside stewardship,"

said Cllr Peter Barnes, the Chairman of the District Council's Planning & Regulation Committee.

"I am delighted that this scheme is now being implemented, and regard it as an example for others to follow.

"I see it as a local partnership to keep and enhance features that add to the richness and variety of the local countryside. Conservation projects can create jobs for local contractors, help retain traditional skills and attract volunteers from the local community."

Anyone who has a wildlife scheme in mind should contact FWAG who are based at Warwickshire College, Moreton Morrell.

Mark Lepkowski, Press Officer   01789 260104
David Jones, Planner   01789 260334


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